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Sepeng Mfikwe group delivers generic and bespoke training, based on an organisations specific business needs. Sepeng Mfikwe group provides personal and professional development for various size companies, large and small. We assess, design and delivery of individualised learning. Our comprehensive, customer-focused solutions include Facilitator-led training and course development on both business skills and software applications. We also conduct technical training. 

We always strives to equip employees to be more effective at their jobs by customising curriculum to each company’s culture, structure and learning style. Subject matter offerings are broad enough for various size companies or subject. The group exists to help business people learn and apply gained knowledge to their individual situation. Our learning professionals collaborate with each organisation to design and deliver learning programs based specifically on your needs, giving you solutions that meet your business objectives. 

The Sepeng Mfikwe group of South Africa franchise is 100% Blacked Youth Owned. Established in 2013, by Ofentse Masike Sepeng, Its directorship changed from being 100% owned by Ofentse Masike Sepeng and 34% of the company is now black woman owned by Busisiwe Sepeng and Dineo Pauline Motati who each own 33% and 33% respectively.